Friday, October 29, 2010

Jordan’s Halloween Costume Revealed!

It has gotten much colder today, and Jordan does not like the cold weather at all. Last winter was very difficult for her. It was one of the worst winters we’ve had up here. Jordan would go outside to pee and start to shiver because she was so cold. It was really hard for her to go because she was too cold. Once it started snowing, Colten used the snowblower to make a path in the yard for all the dogs, but especially Jordan who would be swallowed by the snow. Without snow, the yard is open and it’s pretty rare for Jordan to run into anything. As soon as it snowed, and the snow accumulated, she would start on the carved-out path, then end up running into a wall of snow over and over. One of us had to go outside with her and watch her like a hawk. She was so miserable. Today, after the sun went down, it went down to 44 degrees, and I immediately thought about what this winter would be like. I think it would be intolerable for her.

Jordan had a really good morning today. It didn’t take her long to settle down after breakfast. She spent the morning lounging on the couch in my study with Reggie Love. Then, I decided to use the rest of the apples we picked, so I made an apple pie!

It’s a recipe for apple pie with a crumb topping that my mother has been making since before I was born.
Once the pie was out of the oven, Jordan and I got into our Halloween costumes. And now it can be revealed…We are Bumble Bees!

Colten took photos of us after we dressed up. We wanted to take them outside, but it began raining as soon as we were ready.

Question of the day: who is the Queen Bee? It’s difficult to say since we both have very strong personalities.

Reggie Love and Harley wanted to know what was going on, and eventually, with lots of coaxing, Colten got a shot of me and all three dogs.

We can’t find our small camera, which has a timer, so in order to get a shot of Colten, Jordan, and I together, we experimented with the tripod. Colten decided that he would dress up as the Beekeeper.

We abandoned trying to get all three of us in the shot, so I took some of the Beekeeper and the Boston Terrier Bumble Bee.

Jordan and I have decided to wear our costumes to the airport tonight when we pick up Uncle Toni (my big brother, Jordan’s uncle), who’s coming from Boston to spend the weekend with us. We are all looking forward to his visit so much!


  1. That's too cute to be legal, y'all. Seriously.

  2. This is the best thing I've seen in months and months and months. Y'all are an inspiration. Thank you.

  3. seriously way too cute to actually exist.

  4. I am so moved by the mindfulness with which you all have lived this past week. I am honored to know you and love you.

    And yes, could this be any cuter? Nope. Cute limit has been found. ;-)

  5. Two Queen Bees! Ohmigawdess, such adorableness! And a Beekeeper?! Brilliant. My fave pic is the one of the two bees gazing out the window--so sweet.

  6. What Barbara said egg-zactly ditto from me :) Amazing pictures and amazing hearts. I love you. I am there with you.

  7. Do you know about xoxo