Saturday, July 31, 2010

the Hundog takes a big leap

The Jordan Love team was really, really sad to learn that Honey, aka hundog, lost her battle with cancer this month. We became smitten with Honey in Feb 2008 when Jordan and Honey had back to back radiation appointments at the Vet Cancer Center in LA. It was an intense but lovely way to get to know Honey's parents. It reminded us to be extra thankful that Jordan is still with us and made us lean into the reality that she won't be with us forever.

Honey, we are so glad that we met you.
Hope there's lots of big, deep, and easy breaths waiting for you in your next adventure.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back together again

We have spent the entire summer at home, a first in years. We were lucky enough to fill our house with family and friends almost every single weekend. Jordan loved the visitors and enjoyed the extra time in the yard as we expanded our gardening skills. This summer also marked a return to the big bed for Jordan. On exile since 2003 for middle of the night dog fights, Jordan and Reggie seemed to have settled their score and then some. They have not had a fight in more than 4 years so we decided to slowly reintroduce the idea of being in bed together again. It was a huge success and has made us all so much happier. Jordan has been successfully sleeping in the person bed with the whole family since May.