Thursday, September 9, 2010

Balancing Act

Jordan poses on Harley's agility balance beam.

September has been all about balancing. We have made a big decision to cancel or move all of our fall travels to stay home with Jordan. With the exception of just a few trips that could not be moved we will be making the most of our time with the one-eyed Boston wonder. We have also taken some big steps towards improving the quality of the end of her life. We have consulted a homeopathic vet and have begun to reduce some of her western medications that keep her agitated and hungry all the time. We have also, wait for it, been convinced to cook for her. Yes, it took 14 years, but we are cooking better for Jordan than we are for ourselves. Sweet potatoes, chicken, veggies, with kelp, nutritional yeast, bone meal, giblets, rolled oats... yum for some.

Jordan is loving her new food. In fact, so are all of the dogs. Reggie and Harley have taken to staring and drooling as Jordan enjoys her 4 (small) meals a day. It won't be long before they start placing their dinner orders!

I'm a dog parent and I vote.

Jordan on an outing with us to vote in our local primary election.